The Philadelphia 76ers came out blazing their way towards a victory. Ben Simmons stunned everyone and shut down the James Harden reports with a corner 3 to produce momentum. The enjoyable didn’t end there though. The Sixers appeared like they were dealing with their New Year’s Resolutions early as everyone was striking shots from the floor and beyond.

Joel Embiid came out LARGE working it on offense as he spun around Nikola Vučević in the paint for a huge slam and his signature flex afterward. Our men ended up leading 38-22 at the end of the very first while shooting 6 of 10 from beyond.

Simply a few days after the Sixers got Matisse Thybulle’s third-year offer, he scored his very first points of the season. Not just that but he hit 2 3s in the first half. This sort of self-confidence and energy was performed by the entire group. All of a sudden the only undefeated team in the NBA (Magic) were down by 35 points at the end of the first half. Young boy, was that a shoulders-down, dance around the living space sort of halftime.

It looks as though Tobi read the slander on Sixers’ Twitter and wished to show us incorrect. He’s definitely has a long way to go to play up to his contract, but I’m liking the method he’s looking recently.”