Gonzaga’s dominance benefits undefeated conversation: College hoops power rankings

Hi, good friends. Similar to last week, it’s the eve of a significant U.S. vacation, and you have actually most likely got loads of stuff to do, even if that things is limited to “finding out how to get a lot of food and drink to my home in the most safe, fastest way possible” and “viewing sports,” two of the world’s noblest pursuits. So let’s just get right into it again, shall we?

( Essential tip: These power rankings are just an unclear and occasional approximation of the “best” groups in any offered order. Typically, especially towards the bottom of our list, they rather include the teams we most feel like talking about that week. They are approximate, capricious and often quickly distracted. Simply roll with it. Trust us. It’s better that way.).

1. Gonzaga (9-0).

So, yeah. We need to talk about Gonzaga.

On Saturday, the Zags played their last marquee nonconference game of the season. The opponent: a Virginia group …