In the most significant upset of the 2021 LCS Spring Split to date, Golden Guardians removed 100 Burglars in a monstrously long 56-minute League of Legends game.

” I believe regardless of whether we won it or not, we would have felt excellent about this game. We achieved a great deal of the things we were trying to work on,” Golden Guardians’ head coach Nick “Inero” Smith told Dot Esports after his team’s win today. “To come out with a win will clearly assist the men. Obviously, it wasn’t perfect. However it’ll simply feel excellent to get a win and add some inspiration.”

Golden Guardians’ defense-oriented team composition paid dividends during the early and middle stages of the video game, keeping the contest virtually dead even in gold and goals throughout the very first 28 minutes of the match. It wasn’t till Golden Guardians took all of their scaling possible and turned it into a four-for-two teamfight triumph. The teamfight thrusted the game into its later phases, while leading to a Baron take and ultimate lead of 5,000 gold for Golden Guardians.

Golden Guardians continued their objective-focused, late-game approach throughout the video game, and 36 minutes into the contest, the team secured an Infernal Soul, along with another Baron enthusiast.

But 100 Thieves would not be prevented. The team managed to win several teamfights and protect a Senior Dragon along the method to the 55-minute mark, extending the video game long into the late video game. But when Golden Guardians captured the Burglars’ assistance huhi out of position, the video game reached its climactic finish, with Golden Guardians securing one last four-vs-five teamfight to win the video game.

Even in spite of the huge win to liquidate the first round-robin, Golden Guardians is still searching for at a strong portion of the league with three weeks delegated play. A 2-7 record tosses the team into, at best, ninth location in the LCS.

” With the method things look, it does not look like playoffs will be extremely obtainable for us. It’s going to be really hard for us to reach that point,” Inero stated. “We ‘d practically need to win out to even get a tiebreaker. We’re more concentrated on enhancing particular concepts. We desire to reveal what we carry out in scrims on stage.”

So while playoffs might still be a pipedream for Golden Guardians, 100 Thieves, on the other hand, is still quite in the image. The group suffered its first 1-2 week of the split after coming out of the gate shooting atop the league and currently beings in a share for second place together with TSM and Dignitas.