During a League of Legends stream, web sensation Thomas “Sykkuno” was caught in an uncomfortable situation while explaining that he is still single.

As seen in the clip below, a viewer asked Sykkuno to “reveal” his girlfriend.

WATCH: Sykkuno’s girlfriend “expose” quickly turns awkward after his safe innuendo takes an ambiguous path.

He quickly exclaimed that she is best “there” and made a gesture pointing towards his hand. While his intentions were tidy, the banner soon realized how his relatively safe witticism might be read in a different way by others and described himself even further.

” I just recognized I mentioned my hand, which gives an extremely odd impression, but that’s not the one I was attempting to give.”

Nevertheless, towards the end, the 28-year-old clarified he is still single and not seeing anyone at the moment. Quickly after, he chucked the event aside, stating “that never happened” before resuming playing League of Legends.

This isn’t the very first time Sykkuno or one of his online buddies has actually been under the crosshair of fans attempting to demand responses about their relationships and personal lives.

On numerous celebrations, fans of both Corpse Spouse and Sykkuno have tried to deliver the two together, a lot so that it birthed the infamous “Corpsekkuno” term. According to shipping.fandom, it is the slash ship in between Coprse Partner and Sykkuno from YouTube fandom.

For the uninitiated, delivering typically refers to the desire of desiring 2 or more celebrities (or imaginary characters) to be in a relationship.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, who regularly has fun with Sykkuno & Corpse, and is amongst the most popular female streamers worldwide, has also been in comparable situations.

However, her case was an example of a couple of fans stretching the “narrative.” This was revealed later on by her when she dismissed all rumors of her and Remains Spouse dating or being involved romantically in any way.