The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has released a cautioning to clubs, their players, referees, group authorities and match commissioners to desist from taking part in video games not sanctioned or authorized by glutei association.

Clubs have been engaging in friendly video games as part of preparation ahead of the forthcoming season.

But it appears those matches are not sanctioned by the nation’s football governing body, GFA as it is estimated in the association’s Statutes.

On Friday, the Ghana FA fired a cautioning to clubs, gamers and authorities to avoid engaging in any forbidden matches.

“Footballers and referees, in specific, must desist from playing in matches organised without the authorization of the GFA.

The GFA Statutes, the Premier League Laws and the Department One League Laws and other guidelines of the GFA forbids such behavoiur by clubs, gamers, match authorities, etc They are not to play in competitions by agents not approved or approved by the GFA.

4. Forbidden Matches No club shall keep any relations of a sporting nature with non-recognized entities such as non-affiliated clubs, third parties or with members that have actually been suspended or expelled.

5. Affiliated Associations 1. No match will be played nor shall a competition be arranged by an affiliated League club unless such a match or competition has been approved by the GFA and the suitable fee paid. 2. Clubs registered with the GFA directly or as affiliate members will not arrange any competition nor play matches against any other Ghanaian club or clubs signed up with any other National Football Associations without the prior approval and consent of the GFA. No person or company will organise a match or competition including Ghanaian clubs without previous approval by the GFA.

Referees are to keep in mind that they can be selected for friendly and competitive matches just by the GFA Referees Committee and the Regional Football Associations.