Jon Ossoff, running for a senate seat in Georgia under the Democratic Party, was jokingly outed by a Twitter user as a Dota gamer.

Jon Ossoff “stayed up til 6am every night playing Dota”

In a tweet, @handsome_pal insinuated that a person of Georgia’s possible future senators “kept up ’til 6am every night playing Dota”. He was retweeting the candidate’s post from way back 2014, where Ossoff tweeted “n00b 4 lyfe”.

The tweet immediately got enormous attention from the Dota 2 neighborhood. Lots of fans thought that they lastly have “some representation” in the Senate.

Even Dota 2’s resident host and goofball Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kenner jumped in on the bandwagon. In a now-deleted tweet, he even called back to the time congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) had an Amongst Us livestream back in October 2020 in a tweet.

Twitter/ @SirActionSlacks

Nevertheless, it turns out that the initial tweet was simply a joke. The prankster @handsome_pal responded to his original tweet to clear things up.

This, of course, disappointed fans of the game, consisting of SirActionSlacks himself. After this tweet, SirActionSlacks deleted his earlier post. He changed it with another one stating “we have been lied too keep dreaming for representaion (sic) dota players.”

Meanwhile, Ossoff has not made any discuss the matter up until now. While the issue is in no chance serious, the prank still provided individuals some light-hearted laughs. Who understands, Ossoff’s most likely a real player, after all?

Ossoff is running for a senate seat in the state of Georgia versus Republican incumbent David Perdue. The senatorial elections is presently holding an overflow, as neither candidates received more than 50% of the total variety of votes during the November 3 general elections. All eyes are currently on Georgia as the outcomes of its senatorial elections will identify which party manages the Senate bulk in the coming Biden administration. Decision Desk HQ has called a Jon Ossoff triumph during the early morning of January 6, but no main results have come out yet.

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