Gen.G are staking their claim to the LCK trophy early this Spring Split-with a triumph today against T1 leaving them undefeated at the top of the leaderboard.

The series didn’t start in Gen.G’s favour, with T1 growing out of control an early bottom lane gank by Ellim into a tidy success. Much of Gen.G’s weakness in video game one happened from a lack of peel for Ruler on Kai’Sa, with Rascal’s Camille being the only genuine source of defense for the 2 damage brings after Life was put so far behind in lane.

Rell’s lack of escape tools suggests that when put behind in lane, her engage power generally leads to death for the Iron Maiden. T1 were able to funnel their resources into Gumayusi’s MVP-winning Aphelios for a fast, dominant success that left Gen.G reeling.

The group were able to keep their wits about them, however, and the series saw Ruler reverting back to his timeless Kalista choice for video games two and three. The Spear of Revenge hasn’t had much existence in the worldwide meta so far in Season 11, however Ruler showed that he continues to be among the LCK’s greatest bot laners with a combined KDA of 9/1/15 on Kalista in the series.

The MVP in both of Gen.G’s triumphes today went to support Life. A frustrating Rell performance in game one was flipped on its head in game 3, with a superb engage by Life enabling Gen.G to stroll into T1’s base for the last victory. Riot’s most recent support has actually seen combined success in the global meta, however Gen.G demonstrated how strong she can be when prepared together with a high-mobility AD carry like Kalista, who leaves Rell the flexibility to engage without needing to fret about peeling for her bot lane partner.

Today’s victory secures Gen.G the top spot in the LCK-at least for now. In spite of participating in Worlds on behalf of the LCK in 2020, the group made it out of the group phase in top place only to be quickly sent house in a 3-0 sweep by G2. After a frustrating end to 2020, an unbeaten opening to the LCK spring split might mark a long-awaited turn-around for the lineup.

Gen.G will try to keep their win streak alive in their next match versus Hanhwa Life Esports on Jan. 23.