Ruler’s positioning and mechanics brought his team to success today.

Gen.G took down KT Rolster in a tidy 2-0 sweep today in the very first series of the 2021 LCK Spring Split.

Both groups came prepared into this series, however Gen.G had the edge considering that they kept the very same lineup throughout the offseason. KT on the other hand went through significant modifications after releasing the majority of their gamers. Gen.G were favored to win this series thinking about that they have actually proven how excellent they are while KT were still untested.

The series started with KT’s top laner Doran stating that after Nuguri’s departure towards the LPL, he is the very best LCK leading laner. Nevertheless, his dream was shattered once the video game began with Gen.G’s Rascal solo killing Doran numerous times throughout the series. Throughout the very first game, there was heavy focus towards the leading side, which entirely nullified Doran’s efforts at getting a lead and as a result KT suffered as a whole without their top lane frontline.

Gen.G left no room for mistakes, utilizing the snowball in leading to take dragons, Rift Herald, and the Baron. They had a clean macro, which led to a 36-minute video game win.

After the ravaging first game loss, KT recovered in the 2nd game, showing signs of hope in the top of the map. Nevertheless, their bot side of the map began losing their lane rather hard, which allowed Gen.G to once again take all neutral goals. With a big gold and experience lead, Gen.G pressed into KT’s base and closed out the series with a 30-minute video game win.