Faker will not be completing at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Gen.G beat T1 3-0 today in the LCK local finals to get approved for Worlds 2020.

T1 began with the exact same roster they used yesterday to take down Afreeca Freecs. However this wasn’t enough to beat Gen.G, who are understood to win in high-pressure scenarios. Gen.G were gotten ready for T1’s draft and players, banning away important picks from their carries and countering their in-game plays completely throughout the whole series.

Gen.G took control of the series from the first number of minutes. Although Ruler got target prohibited with seven ADC restrictions, he handled to carry out well on Senna. While he was farming up in the bottom lane, his team was controling the leading and middle lanes with Bdd getting ahead early on. His Azir is feared around the LCK and most groups either choice or ban it away. T1 chose against that, nevertheless, and spent for it with a video game loss.

In the 2nd game, Faker attempted his best to carry T1. At one point, he made it through a one-vs-three encounter, allowing T1 to come and eliminate Gen.G to match the gold lead. However a couple of minutes later, all their hopes were shattered when Ruler’s Ezreal got a quadrakill, setting Gen.G up for the 2nd game victory. T1 fell to Gen.G in the next teamfight without a response to the former world champ’s Ezreal.

The 3rd game was terrible for T1. Their structure didn’t synergize and they couldn’t protect a single neutral objective. Gen.G had a remarkable draft, secured all goals, and ultimately used calculated plays to remove the famous T1 and advance to this year’s World Champion.

This will be the 3rd time that the T1 company has missed out on the World Champion. It likewise stopped working to get approved for Worlds in 2014 and 2018. They were hyped up in the Spring Split, but that didn’t rollover into the summer season. The group underperformed, ended 4th in the regular split, and got knocked out in the preliminary of the playoffs by Afreeca Freecs.

The lineup modifications that T1 made in the local qualifier were a desperate effort to give Faker and team a shot at beating both AFS and Gen.G. While it worked against AFS, Gen.G proved to be too tough for T1 to manage today.