Nvidia is presenting its game streaming GeForce Now streaming service on iOS in beta today, the company revealed.

The news validates a BBC report from earlier this month mentioning that Nvidia’s Safari GeForce Now service would permit iOS players to resume playing Fortnite.

While Nvidia did validate that it is preparing to include Fortnite assistance to GeForce Now, it stated it was dealing with Legendary Games to allow a touch-friendly variation of the video game through the service– which presently requires a game pad on iOS– however that version is not all set yet.

Apple has annoyed a variety of game streaming platforms with its guidelines for App Store programs, scuttling efforts by Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to launch their respective streaming offerings as iOS apps.

In a briefing with various press about the news, Nvidia’s Phil Eisler said the company had discussions with Apple around iOS apps but the platform holder’s requirements around a game streaming app would not produce an excellent user experience.

While Eisler yielded that the service takes an efficiency hit in going through a browser instead of working as an app, he said it has to do with 95% the same, including a few milliseconds of latency.

Beyond the iOS Safari assistance, Nvidia also revealed that GeForce Now will add support for the GOG shop prior to the December 10 launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

Eisler also provided a variety of upgraded statistics on GeForce Now, which has 5 million signed up users considering that releasing in February.

GeForce Now presently supports 750 different video games from 250 publishers, with 650 titles on Steam, 100 games on Impressive Games Store, and 50 on Ubisoft Connect storefronts.

75 of those games are free-to-play, and Eisler said more than 50% of GeForce Now gameplay is taking location on free-to-play games like Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA2, and others.