Geek Fam finished a strong lower bracket run with a 3-1 triumph over tournament favorite Fnatic to win ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League, continuing their rise to the top of the Southeast Asian leaderboards.

Not only did Geek Fam take down Fnatic, the leading team in the area, but their run to the grand finals included triumphes over Group Adroit, T1, and TNC Predator, the latter of which knocked them into the losers bracket.

The very first three games of the last series were tight, usually boiling down to one big swing in the final third of the video game to seal the deal, however Geek Fam are used to playing in that environment. Raven had an extraordinary all-around series, going 12/1/15 in the opening game as his team took the lead as he and Karl really took care of service.

Fnatic almost secured a 2-1 lead after a dominant swing in video game 3, however Raven once again led a resurgence that took 5k gold lead all the method to an unfavorable as Geek Fam liquidated the match in the final 3 minutes.

That loss seemingly broke Fnatic’s spirits and Geek Fam walked to a 3-1 triumph, taking the series and adding yet another win to their SEA total.

Since including Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon to the group in January, the group has become a constant top entertainer in their area, having not completed beyond the top four in any occasion they have contended in this year. Three of their last 6 competitions have been first-place triumphes as the team continues to be a top-three group in SEA.