The application that permits gamers to monetize their playtime

GANK Global, a Singapore tech start-up introduces GANK, a market app for gamers of all skill levels to offer and hire video game training and support services.

Players are now able to discover coaches, group up with like-minded players, find proficient teams to scrim and level up team abilities; and engage others to acquire an upper hand on their quests and product hunts.

GANK transforms the way we game in three methods:

1. Gamers who were currently investing numerous hours playing games can now take on a training position and make by using their knowledge and abilities on this platform.

2. Competitive gamers who complete alone or with a fixed team can now quickly discover others who are open to scrim together.

3. Gamers looking for a more social experience can now discover other similar players to video game with quickly.

In-app functions for chat, voice call and video stream guarantee our customers get a seamless experience from comparing with other gamers to fulfilling the session on GANK.

With more than 1,000 seller listings posted at launch day for over 20 game titles consisting of Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V, GANK is expected to boost the video gaming experience for a diverse group of gamers.

“GANK provides an interesting value proposition to gamers otherwise simply gaming long hours for satisfaction entirely – they can now generate income with their abilities and abilities.” says Caine Teo, GANK CEO.

“As a team of players, we are passionate about optimizing opportunities of development for gamers. By producing a marketplace for freelance training, we are wanting to a world where getting better at a video game is no longer a difficult task. Discovering gamepals and having peer assistance in video game develops you up and enhances your relationships through competition, cooperation, shared support, and more.” said James Sim, GANK CPO.

Amazing enhancements in the pipeline include offering trade skills such as shoutcasting, tournament organizing, esports group management on the platform; as well as ending up being a gig posting platform for esports companies to discover skills such as video game testers and influencers.

GANK is now offered to worldwide users on iOS and Android mobile phones. For more information, check out