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At the end of October, League of Legends invited its new champion, Seraphine, but not everyone is so pleased about this, as a female has implicated Riot Games of violating her privacy and taking her image by basing her character on her. The woman called Stephanie (mmm) firmly thinks that the character is based on her, from her name, the character design, to her tastes and personality type have been copied. This is since she had a quick relationship with a Riot employee in 2019.

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In a Medium post, the girl remarks on her issue with Seraphine.

” My problem with her is that I believe she’s based on me. And I’m not stating that without excellent factor – I really had a brief relationship with a Riot employee in 2015, early 2019.” To which he adds that After the relationship ended, “I graduated from college, lastly dyed my hair pink, moved to California and started my first job without even believing about my short contact with him once again”.

” Then, a year after she stopped talking to each other, Seraphine – a positive, pink-haired lady who has just begun working towards her dreams – began posting on Twitter, ultimately ending up being the most current LoL champion “.

( images prior to the publication of the champion).

The lady is currently in contact with a lawyer to take legal action versus Riot Games for what took place. The company has reacted in a statement saying the following:.

” Seraphine has been independently developed by Riot Games and is not based upon any person. Additionally, the previous employee whom [Stephanie] you indicate left Riot more than a year ago and remained in a department and given that they had no hand in the creative design process. “.

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