Kaspersky warns that cyber wrongdoers are exploiting video gaming’s growing popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Given that March, the variety of users on the popular St.

eam video gaming platform and shop increased dramatically, reaching a brand-new record in regards to active users and concurrent users actively playing games by the end of that month.

In April, the daily variety of obstructed efforts to direct Kaspersky users to harmful sites that exploit gamers increased by 54% when compared to January this year.

And the variety of blocked attempts to direct users to phishing pages for one of the most popular video gaming platforms increased by 40% compared to February 2020.

Kaspersky’s data revealed that users are often lured by pledges such as complimentary versions of popular video games, updates and extensions, or cheats.

” However, if users click on these links, a wide range of destructive programs can be downloaded, from password-stealing malware to ransomware and miners, software that covertly mines crypto-currency from the victim’s computer,” the company says.

Minecraft, among the world’s most popular games, was most frequently utilized by lawbreakers, with its name being employed in over 130 000 Web attacks. Also topping the list were Counter Strike: Global Offensive and The Witcher 3.

In addition, data from Kaspersky’s Anti-Phishing System show that the variety of blocked redirects to phishing pages which contained the word ‘Steam”‘ increased by 40% in April when compared to February.

Maria Namestnikova, a security expert at Kaspersky, says a lot of these gaming-related attacks aren’t particularly sohisticated, and depend on users succumbing to phishing attacks or clicking links.

Nevertheless, now that numerous players are utilizing the exact same makers that they use to get in business networks for gaming, severe care ought to be taken. Risky actions do not only threaten personal information, they put business resources at threat, adds Yury Namestnikov another security specialist at Kaspersky.

” When working from home, if possible, try to prevent mixing your desktop computer with the one you utilize for accessing the business network,” he says.