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The new item store for the moba League of Legends has actually been the subject of conversation this week. The meta of the game has actually radically altered with the elimination of many traditional products, as well as the combination of numerous new relatively OP items.

The looks of the brand-new shop has likewise been slammed (although to tell the fact we like it), with its brand-new minimalist and streamlined design. Sadly now a gamer of League of Legends who has color loss of sight has posted his testimony on Reddit and cautions that the new store is not practical for him.

The player experiences deuteranomaly, the most common kind of color loss of sight, and can not differentiate in between greens, yellows, blues and purples, colors that we can see continually in the brand-new store.

” The brand-new icon art is actually detailed, which causes issues for everybody when they are scaled down. Now imagine if all the various shades of colors used look the same. This problem doesn’t mess up the video game, however it makes it actually tough to peek into the builds when you click the tab. Some examples of where this seems to be an issue are: Everlasting Ice, Sunfire Aegis, the Fight Song of Shurelya, “he wrote on Reddit.

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Editorial: Video Gaming/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Protection/ Instagram/ Discord.