Mr Millanta became a Guinness World Record holder in September this year

A millionaire video gaming genius who dropped out of school prior to setting a Guinness World Record has shared his extraordinary success story and offered pointers on how to begin an organization.

Luke Millanta, from Sydney, sold his second organization for $4.2 million in April this year and is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Hive Gaming, an Australian video gaming brand.

However the 30-year-old’s profession path has actually not always been so smooth.

‘ I left of school when I was 17, I was signed to play for a now defunct North American video gaming group. But that didn’t go anywhere,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

Luke Millanta (left with his partner Linda Leck) left of school at 17 years old

‘ About a month after I decided to drop out of school, the financial crash occurred.’

With his strategies down the drain, Mr Millanta realised he desperately required a task. He did a quick IT traineeship and landed work with the Australian Intelligence Firm.

‘ When I was 24, I chose I had adequate and left and developed my own company,’ he said.

Mr Millanta founded Acadeemit – a digital education business which has a variety of web-based knowing options for kindergarten to Year 12.

He said the business ‘grew rather rapidly over 2 years’, with more than 8,500 courses throughout 10 English-speaking nations.

Acadeemit was gotten by software application business Learnosity in 2016 and Mr Millanta took a one-month break before introducing his second business, Brackenwood Systems – a software application development company.

The 30-year-old became a Guinness World Record holder in September this year when he was granted the title for the ‘most followed content developer on Steam’


Do not be the most intelligent individual in the room: Mr Millanta advises ending up being a ‘sponge’ and learning abilities from others.

Employee smarter not harder: The 30-year-old locations importance on carrying out efficient work, rather than lengthy hours


Mr Millanta was the only worker of the company, which enabled users to trade game items for Bitcoin.

Hive Video gaming obtained Brackenwood Systems for $4.2 million this year and Mr Millanta was consequently selected Chief Innovation Officer at Hive.

But prior to offering, Mr Millanta was named Chief Details Officer of FirstWave Cloud Innovation in 2018, a cloud-based cyber security companies.

The consultation suggested he was the youngest CIO at an ASX-listed business.

Also in 2018, Mr Millanta became the first person on Steam – a computer game digital circulation service – to surpass more than 100,000 fans.

The accomplishment was acknowledged by the Guinness World Records in September this year when Mr Millanta was granted the title for the ‘most followed content creator on Steam’.

The Steam Workshop is a database for computer game user-created content.

In the past 6 years, Mr Millanta has teamed up with professional video gaming teams to develop a variety of content.

In October 2019, he partnered with Intricacy Video gaming – an expert esports organisation with ties to the Dallas Cowboys – to produce a collection of Complexity-branded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins.

Mr Millanta (imagined with his moms and dads) sold his second service for $4.2 million in April this year

More recently, in October 2019, Millanta collaborated with Complexity Video gaming, an expert esports organisation with close ties to the Dallas Cowboys, to develop a collection of Complexity-branded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins.

Mr Millanta offered two key ideas to others aiming to begin their own company.

‘ I always say to try not to be the most intelligent person in the space,’ he said.

This suggestions comes in spite of Mr Millanta’s membership in several high IQ societies, consisting of Mensa and the Triple 9 Society.

‘ When I stroll into a space, I try to recognise people that have skills that are complimentary to mine,’ he stated.

‘ What I do, is ended up being a sponge. If you have a skill set that I don’t have, I will learn that from you.’

Mr Millanta has actually established 2 business: Acadeemit and Brackenwood Systems

Mr Millanta likewise advised working ‘smarter not more difficult’.

‘ You can work 23 hours a day doing complete crap or more hours a day doing something useful,’ he stated.

Despite his successes, the 30-year-old does not recommend leaving of school.

‘ I left school with a strategy that failed entirely,’ he said.

‘ To be honest, I have actually been incredibly fortunate where individuals have provided me chances.

‘ The average high school dropout, it’s not all roses for them.

‘ Don’t simply leave and think you’ll become a millionaire overnight, it’s a slog.’

If he had his time over, Mr Millanta said he would have completed his high school education

If he had his time over, Mr Millanta (imagined with his sweetheart) stated he would have completed his high school education.