Valve CEO Gabe Newell discusses the possibility of holding in-person Counter-Strike and Dota 2 esports tournaments in New Zealand.

The video game industry has been affected in extensive ways by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One part of the industry harmed more than others has been the esports scene, as live competitive occasions have been shut down and postponed until the pandemic has passed. Lots of events have moved online, as occasion runners find creative methods to arrange. However Valve CEO Gabe Newell thinks he’s discovered a method for Counter-Strike or Dota 2 tournaments to be held live, even with the pandemic continuous.

Some may remember that Gabe Newell is investing the pandemic in New Zealand where he’s ended up being something of a regional treasure. New Zealand has had an outstanding reaction to COVID-19 thanks to an early heavy-handed approach and rigorous customizeds guidelines considering that. Speaking to the local news, Newell talks about how New Zealand is “the only country in the world” where tournaments could be run safely. That’s not always a promise, however it’s definitely now a reasonable possibility.

Further, Newell states that the chances of an occasion being kept in New Zealand continue to increase. He points out that “COVID keeps altering,” which is making it most likely for such a decision to be made, implying that the continued spread and infection rate makes it unlikely for the pandemic to stop in the rest of the world.

The difference, for Newell, is that he’s not able to say when the remainder of the world will be ready to host such a competition. Whereas with New Zealand, he says that he would have a lot of confidence in creating a plan for a tournament like Dota 2’s The International. To that result, he says that “ideally the procedures can be put in location,” insinuating that arranging a competition would require the New Zealand government’s participation. Absolutely nothing seems to be changing as of now, however perhaps later on in the year.

The big concern at hand is whether Newell is saying this in an easy going way or if he’s really major about the possibility of hosting a tournament in New Zealand. With appropriate procedures in place, it’s definitely reasonable. It’s simply a matter of organizing travel, screening, quarantine, and accommodations. But that doesn’t indicate that Valve would, and even should, attempt to achieve that in the middle of the pandemic.

That stated, there are definitely a great deal of Counter-Strike and Dota 2 fans who would love to watch a live tournament even online. There could even perhaps be a live audience for it. If that’s an option, versus not having a The International until late this year or perhaps 2022, then it’s definitely worth checking out the possibility of.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 are offered now on PC.

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Source: TVNZ

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