Gabe Newell, a guy known for his remarkable tolerance of individuals discussing the word “three” during interviews, has actually been needing to put up with a fantastic offer recently. He’s currently quarantining in New Zealand and while he’s got some downtime (although I ‘d hardly envision a male like Newell is ever not hectic) he’s been talking to 1 News about what’s going on at Valve. When once again, Newell was forced to dodge questions about Half-Life 3 (which is never going take place) however did expose that the company is working on a couple of games at the minute, spurred on by just how much it took pleasure in making Half-Life: Alyx.

When inquired about the threequels to Half-Life and Website, as well as more details on whatever “Castle” is, Newell side-stepped them all. “I have actually effectively not discussed those things for a very long time and I want to continue to not speak about them up until they are moot questions. Then we’ll carry on to a new set of concerns,” he stated. “The good thing is, by not responding to those questions, I avoid the neighborhood creating brand-new, equally-difficult-to-answer concerns.”

What was most intriguing though was Newell validated that Valve does indeed have games in development that it intends to ship.

We certainly have video games in development that we’re going to be announcing– it’s enjoyable to deliver video games. Alyx was terrific– to be back doing single-player video games, that created a lot of momentum inside of the company to do more of that.

While Newell does say that Valve plans to reveal and even ship a few of its jobs, there’s definitely no confirmation that this will actually happen. It might just be the case that Valve’s having enjoyable behind closed doors, denying the general public an opportunity at playing the next Counter Strike or DOTA … or Half-Life?