G2 Esports is among the biggest esports companies in the world, with top-level groups in much of the largest video games. Now the organization has included another to the list in the kind of Valorant, a game G2 Esports is greatly purchasing by singing a top player to begin the lineup and running a competition with a significant reward swimming pool this weekend.

Earlier today G2 Esports revealed that previous Counter-Strike: Worldwide Offensive pro gamer Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho will be signing up with the G2 Valorant group as the very first signing, with more gamers anticipated to participate in the coming weeks to make a complete roster. Mixwell has been among the leading European Valorant gamers so far, winning the Twitch Rivals: Valorant Introduce Face-off– Europe No. 1 competition just a couple of days after the video game’s launch.

In addition to signing a high-level team, which is something you would get out of G2, the company is likewise hosting a Valorant competition this weekend in collaboration with Red Bull. The G2 Esports Valorant Invitational is one of the first tournaments in the Riot Games backed Ignition Series of events that will begin the expert Valorant scene with numerous competition organizers holding tournaments over the next couple of months.

The competition will feature a significant EUR15,000 reward swimming pool and a number of the top Valorant gamers from Europe. As far as competitions in Valorant go this will be among the largest tournaments to date, and is expected to generate a great deal of viewers over the weekend.

To discover why G2 Esports is investing so greatly in Valorant and even going as far as hosting tournaments for it, I consulted with G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez.

Mike Stubbs: Why did you chose to invest in Valorant so early in its life, and does the early phase of the video game bring with it any additional risks for you?

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez: Valorant is a top title and it combines a few of the things that make games interesting play and see, just like League of Legends accomplished. G2 Esports is meant to lay the structure of what esports is going to end up being in the future. This is our role in the market and this relocation plays into that role truly well, as we want to motivate other organizations to pick up strong teams and develop an enjoyable, competitive landscape together. This is a high danger, high reward initiative and we couldn’t be better to be spearheading efforts for Riot Games.

Stubbs: Why did you decide to pick up Mixwell for the group, and do you have the rest of the lineup in mind currently?

Rodriguez: We are developing a world championship-winning group and it begins with Mixwell. He is a previous CS: GO professional and among the very best players of perpetuity. When it comes to Valorant, he is likewise among the best players having just recently won the greatest event in Valorant history – Twitch Competitors. We certainly have our sights set on additional gamers and we are thrilled to share more about our lineup in the coming weeks.

Stubbs: Why have you chosen to host a tournament for Valorant, particularly one so early in the competitive scene’s life?

Rodriguez: We intend to play an important function in constructing a pertinent, intriguing, and enticing competitive system in this absolutely terrific title. By hosting a tournament for Valorant, it feeds into the wider goal to help make Valorant a leading esports title.

Stubbs: Are you aiming to make a profit from the tournament or exist other objectives for this occasion?

Rodriguez: The primary goal of putting these competitions together is to bring Valorant to everyone’s attention, and I think we’re doing a quite excellent task so far. Building competitions is likewise an incredible method of providing players that haven’t been all that fortunate in the past a chance to show themselves. On top of everything else, building these kinds of tournaments makes our partners extremely happy and it underlines why purchasing G2 is among the finest choices a brand that means to end up being appropriate in computer game can make.

Stubbs: What are your ideas on the Ignition Series of events, is this the right primary step for Valorant esports?

Rodriguez: Riot Games is probably going to use these competitions as training wheels for what the future of Valorant competitive is going to look like, and we are beyond honored that Riot chose us to spearhead these efforts.