Former League of Legends world champs FunPlus Phoenix have actually triumphed today over the LPL Spring Split winners JD Video gaming in the Mid Season Cup. The series saw each match drag frequently over 30 minutes, but FPX pulled through with a score of 3 to 1.

FPX will have the opportunity to reclaim their magnificence after losing the LPL Spring Split playoffs, while JDG will be sent out home to recuperate after this loss and prepare for the LPL’s Summer Split.

The series started with an explosive match in the blind choice format with each team choosing comfort picks such as Doinb’s Kassadin and Kanavi’s Nidalee. JD won due to how much pressure Kanavi had, which forced FPX to prohibit Nidalee in the next games.

The second video game was the Khan program. He brought the Hecarim leading pick, which proved to be an excellent counter to JDG’s Wukong. Without Nidalee, Kanavi failed to do much on the map with Tian constantly attacking his jungle, causing his group to fall behind without jungle pressure.

After the dominant video game in FPX’s favor, the 3rd game was much more uneven with FPX entirely controling the LPL Spring Split champions. Lwx took control of the driver’s seat with his signature Aphelios pick and, with Doinb’s assistance behind him, he ended up being the cutting edge for his team while cleaning the opponent health bars away.

The fourth video game was much closer with JDG having decisive picks which kept them in the video game and their wish for a fifth video game alive. After a Baron play they got countered by Lwx’s superior positioning, who tidied up the fight rather quickly.

The video game stabilized for a long time. But after an error by JDG’s ADC and jungler, FPX had adequate time to finish the game and secure the first area in Mid Season Cup’s finals.

FPX were unbeaten in LPL’s Spring Split divided with GimGoon, yet they chose to begin with Khan. He has been carrying out well and has actually been holding up– if not winning– most match-ups. He will be an excellent match for either Rascal or 369 from either second final group.

FPX will face the winner of Top Esports and Gen.G tomorrow at 4am CT. Tune in on the Riot official stream to see who will win the very first Mid Season Cup tomorrow.