FOR energy midfielder Tinashe Dzemwa, the very best part of being called-up into the Under-21 and senior nationwide group is getting to share this accomplishment with his friend– Mufaro Kaseke.

Theirs is a budding friendship, 5 years in the making, but one reinforced by their love and passion for the game of hockey.

” I met Mufaro at Rising Stars in 2015, when we had just completed our Ordinary Level assessments and we were trying to find a club to sign up with.

” We were both juniors beginning our expert hockey careers and we clicked right off the bat.

” We have actually stuck ever since, encouraging and encouraging each other to keep striving,” said Dzemwa.

” We have been working on making it to the Under-21 team given that 2016 when the last World Cup qualifiers were held.

” Together with Mufaro we set our targets on representing Zimbabwe in the next World Cup qualifiers.

” And now, with the recent call-ups, it is testimony to that objective and our effort finally settling,” included the 20-year-old.

” This is a milestone for me, and I am pressing to see it to the end, which is not only to making it into the teams but to win the upcoming competitions,” said Dzemwa.

Dzemwa and Kaseke belong to the senior and U-21 hockey national groups that are preparing for next year’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and U-21 World Cup qualifiers.

As he imagines making his launching for the national team, his sole goal is to assist it receive the Africa Cup of Nations.

The same chooses the Under-21.

” My dream is to assist the team to certify for Afcon, while I would also wish to help the U-21 get approved for the World Cup.

” I desire us to complete on an international level,” stated the energy player.

For Dzemwa and his friend Kaseke, the journey has not been rosy.

” We both remain in Marlborough and often we discover ourselves strolling, or perhaps jogging, all the method to UZ track to have a fitness session,” stated Dzemwa.

” We would take a trip to Bulawayo for practice video games without any cash, strategy, and even a place to sleep, and then after (the video games), we found our own method back home to Harare.

” It is the passion that kept us focused on making it. Recalling, these were pivotal points to our journey to the national group.”

“I began umpiring in 2018 as a method to much better understand and improve my game,” he stated.