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After advancing to the Sweet 16 in back-to-back years, Group Sideline Cancer (TSC) was prepared for a deeper run heading into ‘The Basketball Tournament’ this year. When COVID triggered many leagues to shut down, it likewise impacted the schedule and competition field for TBT. A field that was usually 64 groups had been cut by more than half, down to just 24 teams.

For Sideline Cancer, they were all set for the fight, however it was already one that would be uphill as the TBT ranked them No. 22. For former IU guard Mo Creek, he was being available in with the expectation of winning all of it, nevertheless.

” This is most likely the most focused we’ve been. We all was available in with a goal and understood what took place in 2015. We had an objective in mind to get to a championship and for us to be here, it just shows you how locked in we are,” Creek stated on Indiana Sports Beat. “We took it individual as we were ranked 22 out of 24 teams … We had that chip on our shoulder.”

In a single-elimination competition, it’s everything about matches and throughout this year’s event, Sideline Cancer was constantly confronted with a specific match that people believed they wouldn’t be able to overcome. That included beating Boeheim’s Army in the Elite 8, a team that knocked them out in 2015. Then, in the Last 4 they dealt with Abroad Elite, which was a four-time winner (2015-18). After losing in the Finals last season, Abroad Elite added more firepower to its group which was with former NBA guard Joe Johnson.

” He’s an NBA vet. I told him after the game, he’s so poised and makes the video game simple. Betting somebody like that, you find out a lot about the game,” Creek said. “He was an All-NBA, elite scorer and did it with a lot of groups.”

While Johnson was incredibly efficient, it was Creek who had the ability to get the last shot off and made it count as he struck the game-winner to send Sideline Cancer into the Finals.

” The thing about it was I was searching for him [Marcus Keene] to shoot it and he said the ball slipped so he needed to pass it. He called my name so it required me to go to the ball. I captured it with one hand and I understood when I got the ball it was me,” Creek discussed. “I got this ultra quick release, I understood it was entering. I had just missed out on one right prior to that remained in and out … it felt excellent.”

So far, Creek is balancing 14.5 points per video game, but it is a college colleague that Creek says is the body and soul of the team.

” Yeah Remy [Abell] is what I call the glue that sticks the individuals together. He’s our heart and soul. Without Remy, this would not be possible,” Creek said. “I need to give an entire shoutout to that man. he’s the one that brought everybody together and he was the one who informed me and Jermaine [Marshall] to play on this group three or 4 years ago … That male should have an NBA shot … he is worthy of a lot more credit than he gets.”

Sideline Cancer takes on the Golden Eagles, a Marquette alumni team, on Tuesday night at 6 pm on ESPN for the winner-take-all $1 million reward.

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