TOOELE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A previous West High School football star died of COVID-19. His better half shares his story and their hope for modification.

Shortly after Christmas, 33-year-old Vai Lutui contracted COVID-19.

” Everyone kept informing me, ‘He’s young and healthy, he needs to pull through,'” said Vai’s other half, Lota Lutui. “He simply went downhill from there.”

Lota Lutui said he may have been exposed at work.

” Well, what were you doing to secure them? You have three other individuals that hired on his shift or people he worked around and it was simply those guys that didn’t need to be available in,” she said.

Enthusiastic her partner would recover, Lota Luiti stated he didn’t have any underlying health conditions.

” He was so healthy and strong, he’s never ever been ill, he gets a cold possibly here or there,” she said.

Battling for his life in the Intensive Care System for 2 weeks, Vai Lutui caught his death on Saturday, Jan. 16.

” When I saw him at the healthcare facility, I simply have actually never ever seen him so weak,” she stated. “That was kind of the reality check that oh my gosh, he’s just kinda going away.”

And her young family wanting their dad to come home.

” Our second son, Alani, he’s 5 years of ages and really connected to my husband,” Lota Lutui stated. “He would draw my other half images for when he comes home from the medical facility. We were planning to hang it up in the space.”

Sad over her spouse’s death, she’s left to choose up the pieces.

” What am I going to do? He offered everything for us,” she said.

Now, Lota Lutui stated she desires modification in the work environment.

” Just safeguard them more. Assist families not go through what I’m going through,” she said. “With proper safety assistance, making sure they’re tested typically – specifically if a coworker employed, then let’s test everybody who was exposed to that person.”

In his more youthful years, Vai Lutui played football at West High School. A football standout, he also dipped into Mt. San Antonio College and Kansas State University.

” He was naturally talented. He put really little effort into it, but it got him to where he was,” Lota Lutui stated.

Following his football career, the couple transferred to Utah to raise their household.

” And now I comprehend why all our kids look like him,” she stated. “They’re his heartbeats.”

As they move on, Lota Lutui stated the family will hold Vai’s tradition near their hearts.

” I believe what I’ll miss out on is just the time he spends with the kids,” said teary-eyed Lota Lutui.

The Pacific Islander Neighborhood has the second-highest death rate of all races and ethnic cultures, according to the Utah Pacific Islander Union.

Lota Lutui said she hopes individuals will not end up being contented with COVID-19.

” Simply take it severe. Ensure you mask up,” she said. “I think the most important thing is, if you understand you’re sick or have symptoms or you evaluate positive but don’t have signs, simply stay at home. Like my spouse, who would have believed COVID-19 would have attacked him like this?”