A lot is still unknown about the NHL’s go back to play: Where? When? To some degree, how?

But one thing the teams – in this case the Rangers – do know is that they will need to set a lineup for (fingers crossed) an eventual training school followed by (fingers crossed) a play-in series versus Carolina.

When last they convened for an overtime loss in Denver on March 11, the Rangers had a 21-man lineup, plus 3 hurt gamers.

What we understand, or anticipate – final choice still pending – is that the play-in/playoff lineup will likely include 28 skaters and unrestricted goaltenders. Well, the Rangers currently had unlimited goalies (three) when the roster limit was 23 players. The variety of skaters could change. But we likewise know that for health and wellness factors, traveling parties will be small – 40 or 50 or two – hence rosters won’t be huge, relatively speaking.

Gamers won’t require to be remembered. When …