Carmelo Anthony’s play all however warranties he’ll be on an NBA team in 2021. However will it be for Portland? Here are a couple of locations worth considering.

When Hall of Fame players like Carmelo Anthony speak, possibly we would be a good idea to listen. Simply 2 weeks into his NBA return, the 10-time All-Star provided the ultimate bet-on-himself statement, and one that drew humor from some:

” This ain’t a damn goodbye trip. My love for the video game don’t stop. I do not understand where this ‘farewell tour’ thing originated from. I’ve never talked about a farewell tour. I understand what I can do and I think in myself. When a goodbye trip comes, it comes.

That’s not something I think about. I’m not thinking of retiring today. I had actually (thought of it) throughout this previous stretch over the summer season. But ain’t no retiring in my mind. I think in what I have left.”

Because that sit-down with Shams Charania of The Athletic, Anthony has not just talked the talk, however walked the walk, too. Volume be darned, Anthony’s producing the most efficient season because 2016-17– his last All-Star appearance– and at the same time, he’s played his function to a tee, producing a +2.9 on-off swing as a Portland Path Blazers gamer.

It’s ended up being one of the terrific redemption stories in recent NBA history. The only disadvantage is that while Portland sees and appreciates it, so too does the remainder of the world.

It seems like an assurance to say Anthony played himself onto a lineup beyond 2019-20, either as a featured option or a bench anchor. But what happens in between Jul. 31 and Oct. 12 will help fill out significant blanks to questions such as: how does this new Anthony look in a prospective bench role? How does he run in a Playoff series where groups can tactical plan for him?

Since there will be little else to do in both Orlando’s “bubble” and the quarantine life beyond it, the rest of the NBA world will be viewing when Anthony takes spotlight. And because of that, it’s worth mapping who Portland’s prospective competitors for Anthony could be this summer season.