He must be a beneficial catch-and-shoot player like Doug McDermott, but lotto teams anticipating a volume scorer or difference-making shooter may desire to hesitate.

That’s how one scout for a lottery team described Anthony Edwards.

Going leading three or possibly No. 1 includes severe expectations, and Edwards won’t have the ability to meet them with statistics alone. There is no doubting his capacity to continue scoring at the NBA level, however myself and some others are hesitant of his capability to convert skill and skill into efficient, winning basketball.

If he does go first to the Minnesota Timberwolves, he ‘d have the most affordable box plus-minus (5.5) of any No. 1 pick since the stat was tape-recorded, going back over a decade. Georgia ended up 13th of 14 teams in the SEC with Edwards shooting 40.2 percent from the flooring and 29.4 percent from 3 and averaging 2.8 assists to 2.7 turnovers.

His shot-creation and shot-making abilities can be a gift and a curse, and Edwards hasn’t revealed a good feel for optimizing them. He has a hard time to resist taking hero jumpers, a lot of which followed dribbling for prolonged stretches as teammates see. Despite 6’5″, 225-pound size and explosiveness, he wound up taking 147 pull-ups (28.6 percent FG) to 97 attempts around the basket.

Edwards also didn’t use his tremendous defensive tools enough, too regularly providing up early on plays.

Skill alone won’t result in regular All-Star appearances, much like it hasn’t for Andrew Wiggins. I have concerns about whether Edwards is wired to successfully use it.