DualShockers reported on the publication of a (paid) article in Bloomberg’s online columns that might discuss why Amazon Video game Studios’ video games have not achieved success up until now. Jason Schreier and Priya Anand spoke with more than 30 of the company’s existing workers who stated their biggest issue was a person.

And that individual is none besides Mike Frazzini, the supervisor of the computer game department. Frazzini is an Amazon veteran however has no experience developing video games. As a result of the interview, Frazzini often confronted or overlooked the tips and choices of the video game designers. And since of that, a great deal of people left the studio after a while.

There are also problems with the “measurements” and “focus” of games made at Amazon as the business seeks to replicate the success of productions with a long history like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite. However, the designers even experience Amazon’s own advancement tool, Lumberyard, which can be slow and cumbersome to deal with.

Amazon has tried video games like Crucible over the past few years, which have actually lost audiences in a flash, and an MMO called New World that is tough to beat.