Supporters have to take “discrimination and equality” lectures or deal with a stadium restriction.

Cambridge United football club is requiring fans who booed gamers taking a knee for Black Lives Matter go through re-education lessons or face a stadium ban.

After a handful of fans voiced their annoyance before a December 15 video game versus Colchester, the club reacted by launching an investigation.

” Each case has actually been taken a look at separately,” the club said in a declaration. “Conclusions reached range from education and support without any ban through to bans to the end of the season with season tickets reimbursed.”

” Variety and addition will continue to be at the heart of what we mean as a football club and we will be making no additional comment about the occurrence.”

According to the Daily Mail, “Other fans have actually been asked to undertake education around discrimination and equality” prior to they are permitted to return.”

In other words, fans will need to endure purchasing from lectures about “diversity” and Black Lives Matter and feign contract or face a stadium ban.

The current round of BLM madness began after fans were enabled into arenas for the very first time given that the start of the COVID pandemic.

Millwall supporters loudly booed gamers taking a knee, triggering a wave of contrived media outrage.

In truth, Millwall fans weren’t booing due to the fact that they’re racists who dislike black individuals (their twice star gamer of the year chose by fans is black), they were booing to reveal opposition to the political inspirations behind Black Lives Matter.

Over the summer, BLM rioters desecrated war memorials, set fire to the Union Jack flag, vandalized the Winston Churchill monolith and strongly attacked authorities.

Their political program also honestly embraces a marxist program to destroy industrialism and completely subvert western civilization.

The fact that millionaire footballers are still taking a knee for such a motion is patently ridiculous, as are the penalties being distributed to fans for standing up for their beliefs.