“Football is stating absolutely nothing as bigotry and the exploitation of migrant employees grows at the house of the 2022 World Cup … do black lives not matter in Qatar?”

In a current statement about the Black Lives Matter project, the Premier Leagueunderlined their stance by stating: ‘We completely concur with the players’ single goal of eradicating racial bias wherever it exists.’ In the week that match dates for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar were exposed, you question how these 2 things sit side by side.Last week, we heard from the United Nations on bigotry and the exploitation of migrant employees in the Gulf state. The language included in a report was stark, saying: ‘European, North American, Australian and Arab citizenships methodically delight in greater human rights defenses than South Asian and sub-Saharan African nationalities.’ The bulk of the 10s of countless immigrant workers used to build arenas and infrastructure for the World Cup are from south Asia and west Africa. The UN report declares their working conditions remain mainly unacceptable. Some have actually currently died. But still football states absolutely nothing … It does not ask the pertinent concerns about what would seem clear human rights violations of employees caught in a recognized system of exploitation and abuse. It does not try to apply pressure for modification … We understand it is too late to change the fundamentals. The World Cup will take location in Qatar. However football can speak up. It can attempt to cause change, if it is brave enough.