There are electronic sports clubs that are needed to the optimum from the beginning, despite the movement of transfers that may have suffered, the sporting or economic scenario and the level of other groups.

Something like what happens in traditional sports, where in football or basketball Real Madrid and Barça are required to stand out, along with Inter Movistar or El Pozo in futsal or the Warriors, Celtics or Lakers within the NBA.

In League of Legends the very same thing happens with some particular groups, and in the case of Europe it occurs with G2 Esports and Fnatic, the 2 groups with the most continental champions (7 and 6 titles) and that the optimum is needed in LEC and a good role in Worlds.

G2 Esports, after snatching Fnatic from Rekkles, has begun like a shot in LEC: 3-0 and audience and KDA records for their brand-new star, the very best shooter in Europe and among the leading names in esports, Martin Larsson.

However, Fnatic has actually not begun so well, If not the reverse; the eternal rival of G2 Esports has started the LEC superweek 1-2, losing to Misfits and Rogue and getting a triumph versus Schalke 04.

Fnatic has been restructured; without Rekkles you need that Upset take the conclusive step that is expected of him, and Nisqy needs to adjust to a group under construction. However, 2 losses harmed, and more versus direct opponents.

However, It is not the first time that Fnatic has actually started badly in LEC. In 2019, just 2 years earlier, the English group began 0-2 the very first week and ended up going 0-4 up until week 3, where he finished 1-5 after beating Rogue.

There are similarities in between both groups, since 2019 Fnatic also reorganized after losing sOAZ and Caps, and ended up 3rd in the playoffs of that split to end up reaching the grand final in the summer season.

Hence, the Fnatic of 2021 needs time to carbure, and needs to enjoy triumphes in the next matches against Vigor and MAD Lions. The French, budget-friendly, and the direct battle will be against the lions to see if he is capable of being up or not.