Fnatic’s dominant type throughout Dota Pro Circuit 2021 SEA upper division has actually been rewarded. They’re the first Dota 2 group to certify for the Singapore Major from the region after beating perennial competitors TNC Predator 2-1 in their last league series today.

TNC dominated the first video game from start to finish, led by Gabbi’s Morphling. Constantly Morphing into his hard assistance Spirit Breaker as soon as he farmed an Aghanim’s Scepter, Fnatic were not able to keep up with Gabbi’s updated Charge of Darkness. Fnatic’s issues were just worsened by their extremely greedy draft, that included an off lane Battle Fury Alchemist and a safe lane Phantom Lancer– and both were ultimately unable to do much in a fast loss.

TNC tried to repeat the combo again in game two, but Fnatic learned quickly from their mistakes, selecting a much faster lineup with a Raven’s Lycan and Natthaphon “Masaros” Ouanphakdee’s Timbersaw. TNC had a short comeback in the mid game off of Gabbi’s proficiency of the Morphling but didn’t have adequate services for Fnatic’s overwhelming push and teamfight.

Fnatic banned the Morphling in the third game after it had provided such a headache over the series and continued to install their finest performance in the match. Raven’s Phantom Assassin was left particularly unaddressed as he silently and quickly went up the net worth charts. TNC were preoccupied with Fnatic’s legion of space developers and their best shot wasn’t enough to stop Raven from ultimately taking over the game and securing the series for his team.

Fnatic’s string of dull outcomes leading up to the Regional League have actually been all but forgotten. In spite of many lineup modifications during a messy online season, the lineup seems to have put their growing discomforts behind them.

The last series of the SEA upper division in between Neon Esports and T1 tomorrow at 5am CT is a critical one. While Fnatic have actually an ensured ticket to the Significant with a 6-1 record, they’ll just guarantee first location and a direct seed into the Major playoffs if Neon lose and are up to 5-2. Neon and T1 will then require to play a tiebreaker to identify the second and third seeds.

If Neon win, that will set off more tiebreakers throughout the league. Fnatic and Neon will play a best-of-one, where the losing team will need to play through the Major group phase. TNC and BOOM Esports, both at 4-3, will play T1 for a last possibility at 3rd location and credentials to the Significant wild card.