The first ESL One Birmingham Online winners have been decided.

Fnatic have secured their area as the leading Dota 2 group in Southeast Asia yet once again, winning their second straight ESL One champion at ESL One Birmingham Online today against BOOM Esports.

BOOM had a strong run, showing that they are a team to enjoy moving forward in the region. But they didn’t have enough gas left in the tank to match the veteran group during the grand finals.

Fnatic’s run was less than best, dropping a series to BOOM and Group Adroit in the group phase. But out of every group in the region, Jabz and his lineup are without a doubt the most consistent in playoff matches. BOOM were just able to take a single game off of them during the two times they matched up in the bracket.

All 4 video games of the grand finals were extremely competitive, however Fnatic just looked like the more put-together group behind steady efficiencies from 23savage, Djardel “DJ” Mampusti, and Moon. Particularly with 23savage, he didn’t have a single unfavorable efficiency, always contributing around eight eliminates and 30,000 damage, even in their one loss.

Moon was the standout player for Fnatic, with two dominant efficiencies on Death Prophet assisting lead his group to victory. Here are his statlines for each of the 4 games in the finals, showcasing simply how well he managed the mid lane even if he wasn’t the top factor in every match.

This is Fnatic’s second straight ESL One title, having actually conquered Adroit in the grand finals of ESL One LOs Angeles Online last month to claim top place. There is no question that Jabz and his group are the leading contenders in the area now, as they have now attained some consistency in their formerly erratic playstyle.

SEA is the first region to wrap up play at ESL One Birmingham Online, with 3 more regional brackets still ongoing.