Flashpoint, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition series owned by B-Site, is supposedly holding a $165,000 payment which is owed to the Counter-Strike Specialist Players Association (CSPPA) for the rights to use the copyright and pictures of their gamers.

According to a letter acquired by DBTLTAP, Flashpoint intends to keep the payment till the CSPPA addresses a variety of their problems.

Flashpoint raised 4 main compaints about the CSPPA’s conduct.

Flashpoint argued these complaints show the CSPPA breached of the contract, which those breaches need to be resolved before payment can be issued.

The CSPPA released an action to the accusations on Wednesday, in which it verified that Flashpoint is indeed keeping the payment and rejected any claims of incorrect doing. According to the CSPPA, despite how true those allegations are, Flashpoint is lawfully required to pay the sum, given that the payment is owed soley on the basis of the licensing arrangement in between Flashpoint and the CSPPA.

” I can verify that Flashpoint has stopped working to honor its obligation to make a payment of USD $165,000 under a Danish law license agreement in between Flashpoint and CSPPA dated March, 6 2020,” stated Martin Pedersen, Danish legal counsel to the CSPPA. “I further confirm that the baseless accusations made by Flashpoint against CSPPA are totally unrelated to and in no chance relieves Flashpoint from its responsibility to make the agreed Payment when due. ”

The CSPPA promised it will launch a complete declaration on Thursday, attending to each accusation in detail.