There are few figures who tower quite as high as Lanny McDonald and Jarome Iginla in the history of the Calgary Flames.

Geoff Ward, the Flames’ head coach, desires his players to understand that history.

When the Flames take to the ice for the very first day of training camp on Monday, the team’s going to be divided into two groups that will be named after the two renowned Flames.

Group Iginla will practice in the morning. Group McDonald in the afternoon.

It’s a hassle-free method to break the 41 players who will be at the first day of camp into two groups, but it indicates more than that to Ward.

” I think it’s essential to have actually tradition associated with what you’re doing now,” Ward said. I believe tradition brings prestige to your club. I believe it brings an awareness for young gamers of what they desire to aspire to. When you’re talking about these 2 gamers, they’re franchise gamers. We want our gamers to desire be franchise players.”

Group Iginla and Group McDonald will take on in 2 intrasquad games on Jan. 7 and Jan. 11. Competitive to the core, the two Flames legends are obviously currently placing down wagers on the teams that bear their names.

” In texting with Lanny and Jarome a few days ago, they have actually got money on the intrasquad video games,” Ward stated. “There’s simply a great deal of fun that’s developed into it that will carry over to our gamers.

” I believe it will bring attention to the history of the Flames that perhaps a few of our young guys have not looked into yet.”