The World Championships had at first been arranged to take location in April last year.

The FIG held off the World Championships due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New dates of March 26 to 28 were announced for the rescheduled event, but the FIG has actually now been forced to delay the competitors once again.

” In view of existing travel restrictions and problems, the FIG thinks about the most appropriate option to be rescheduling the Parkour Worlds to a later period so regarding make it possible for the participation of athletes from all the nations which were anticipated to take part,” the FIG stated.

” The FIG will reveal additional details when they are formally verified.”

Hiroshima was announced at the host of the inaugural World Champions in 2019.

The Japanese city has strong connections to parkour, having actually held the first authorities FIG competitors there in April 2018.

The FIG formally voted to consist of parkour as a brand-new gymnastics discipline at its Congress in December 2018.

The governing body has actually given that held a series of Parkour World Cup occasions.

Parkour likewise featured at the inaugural World Urban Games in Budapest in 2019.

The FIG claims parkour is a “natural fit” for gymnastics and effectively proposed the sport for inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The governing body has actually been criticised by parkour groups, with numerous claiming the worldwide body has been guilty of “encroachment and misappropriation” of the discipline.