Speed against strength. When it concerns FIFA 21, which is better?

YouTuber BMOnus has united a group of the fastest gamers on the video game and squared them off versus a side made up of the greatest players. Each spot in the beginning line-ups of the 2 sides has actually been awarded to the player with the highest speed or strength score in their position.

The 2 teams were pitted against one another in a league format, prior to playing a one-off exhibit match to figure out which quality would come out on top.

Using Sprint Speed as the deciding quality for his group of the paciest gamers on FIFA 21, the Fastest team consists of a host of popular names. Kylian Mbappe (who has a 96 ranking in the category) is joined by Leroy Sane (95 ), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (94) and Kyle Walker (94 ).

Mbappe is tied for his Sprint Speed ranking of 96 by Wolves’ Adama Traore and Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies. Strangely enough, though, also on this side is obscure Ecuadorian full-back Anibal Chala – who currently bets French club Dijon.

The Fastest group, which play as Borussia Dortmund throughout the experiment, have an outstanding total attacking score of 90.

While some of the starting line-up for the Fastest group may not be family names, there is some major talent within the side, specifically when compared with the players who represent their opposition.

It needs to come as not a surprise that the very first name on the team sheet for the Strongest group is Wycombe striker Adebayo Akinfenwa. The 38-year-old has actually been the greatest player on the video game for years now (and likely will continue to be until he retires!) In FIFA 21, he has a strength rating of 97.

However, as soon as you see that his strike partner in the group is Orlando City’s Daryl Dike, with a 96 strength ranking, the difference in quality in between the two sides starts to end up being obvious.

One of the only other names of note to get approved for the Strongest first-choice team exclusively on his ranking is Geoffrey Kondogbia of Atletico Madrid, with the midfielder having an 84 strength rating.

However, when BMOnus realises that the group has a total attacking ranking of 71, he cheats a little to boost the Strongest group. Romelu Lukaku, who with a ranking of 95 did not receive either of the areas in advance, is drafted in as a left-sided attacking choice.

As you may anticipate, over the course of a complete 38-game season, the speed (and overall statistics) of the Fastest team was no match for the Strongest side.

Dortmund finished in 8th place, while the Strongest group – represented by South Korean side Busan Park – completed an all-time low 20th.

The one-off match in between the 2 sides would prove little bit better. The Fastest group easily dismissed their opposition.

Aubameyang and Mbappe each netted on multiple celebrations throughout a 7-0 whitewash. Such was their dominance that it took the Strongest group a full 89 minutes to sign up a shot on target.

The significance of having some pace in your side on FIFA 21 can not be overemphasized.