On June 9, Bungie announced Fate 2: Season of Arrivals, Destiny 2: Beyond Light this fall, Fate 2: The Witch Queen in 2021, Destiny 2: Lightfall in 2022, and the Destiny Material Vault, which will cycle old content in and out of Destiny 2. But the studio also spoke about whether it would make a game called Destiny 3.

After the announcement on June 9, video game director Luke Smith got on stream with Dr. Lupo to speak about Destiny 2’s future. In the brief Q&A session, Luke Smith told Dr. Lupo that Bungie does not intend on making Destiny 3. And, in a brand-new article detailing the evolving world of Destiny 2, the studio composed that splitting the Destiny community was annoying enough for players that Bungie recognizes it is “a mistake we do not wish to repeat by making a Destiny 3.”

As part of Beyond Light, the studio will add a new element, brand-new subclasses for each class, and the moon of Europa. During Year 4, it will also reanimate the Cosmodrome location and the Vault of Glass raid– both fan favorites from the original Fate. In September, Destiny 2 will look like an extremely various video game– although still not on the scale of a full-fledged sequel. However no matter just how much has altered, Bungie does not intend on tweaking the name anytime quickly.

In our discussion with Smith, we asked him about the future of Destiny 2’s name, and if the studio will ever call it “Destiny” again. “At this time, we’re going to keep focusing our efforts on the video game itself,” said Smith. “There are a great deal of moving parts for changing the name, whether it’s deal with platforms, string files, title screens, store work. It’s a lot of work. There are a bunch of truly successful games with 2’s on the box – one of my favorites, DOTA 2 springs immediately to mind.”

But despite what Bungie chooses to call it, the future of Destiny looks strong,.