On the planet of esports, few teams are as identifiable as FaZe Clan. The team, which got its start in Call of Responsibility, has actually also conquered video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. FaZe Clan has won many esports competitions, numerous consider its fame (and estate) well-earned. However, just like many groups packed with celebs, controversy enjoys to poke its head into FaZe Clan’s every day life.

Among FaZe Clan’s owners, FaZe Banks (genuine name Richard Bengston), is the heart of the team. Banks has actually guided FaZe Clan towards triumph on many events, but he has also piloted the team into rough waters also. Banks has attracted the ire of lots of celebs, and more than a few business happy to air complaints like filthy laundry.

Popularity and fortune typically work together with flak and frustration, as FaZe Banks can testify.