Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, a legendary CS: GO player with a career covering 18 years with various titles has revealed his retirement from professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A previous trailer published to his Twitter teased a possible transfer to expert Valorant, but that has actually since been verified to merely be a tease for his actual transfer to full-time Twitch streaming. Still, viewers can expect Alesund to play Valorant in his time as a banner, making the tease not entirely misleading.

The statement came mostly through Alesund’s Twitch were discussed his decision to move far from competitive play. While playing for the famous Ninjas in Pyjamas lineup which held the historic 87-0 win streak on LAN, Alesund and his teammates attained a place in the annals of CS: GO history. However, that success was never ever able to be reached once again when he associated his former teammates on Group Dignitas in 2020. In September, Alesund was benched, in addition to his colleague and NiP alumnus Richard “Xizt” Landstrong.

During his statement stream, Alesund said that “I’ve known this for quite a while …” in concerns to his streaming future. The choice came when he received the information that he was going to be benched on Dignitas.

“There is no point for me combating versus my health …” he said throughout the stream. This is most likely in reference to his battle with Chron’s Disease. For those unaware, Chron’s Disease is an autoimmune illness in the bowels that triggers swelling. It can make any profession tough to keep up with, however for a competitive CS: GO player it would have been much more hard. The illness can cause seriousness when needing to use the bathroom, tiredness, and fast weight loss. The condition can be intensified by tension too. There is no cure for the disease, it can just be managed and temporarily put into remission. For a person whose career is reliant on sitting down and playing video games for a set time period, the seriousness of a restroom trip is just illogical.

In concerns to his future as a banner, Alesund specified that “I’m going to be playing every video game, definitely Valorant is up there …” Alesund has been a consistent voice in the neighborhood for numerous in his nearly twenty years of participation with the scene, and while it has actually been heartbreaking for lots of to see him retire, a small solace can be found in the understanding that he will advance as a streamer.