Faker has actually reached a brand-new task in his League of Legends profession. He is the very first player to reach 600 games in the LCK, the league exposed on stream previously today.

Lately, he has been missing from the LCK with T1 making constant roster changes in hopes of creating the ideal League lineup, capable of bringing home another world champ cup. Today, he came back with vengeance and helped T1 protect a win against Nongshim RedForce.

Faker is one of the oldest League players. He made his launching in February 2013 for SKT Telekom T1 2 and has actually been playing for the same organization, which is presently understood as T1 for over eight years. He handled to win 3 League world champions with numerous lineups and whenever he was a centerpiece of their victories.

Throughout his career, he was the very first player in the LCK to also reach the 1,000 and 2,000 kill mark. With a great deal of experience and three world titles under his belt, Faker does not have retirement in sight. He handles to keep up with the starving rookies to this day, showing his mechanical expertise on numerous champions from his ocean swimming pool which specified him as the Faker, Faker, playmaker.

You can capture Faker in action throughout T1’s next match up versus Fredit BRION on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 2am CT. Tune in to see Faker styling on his opponents with his stellar mechanics.