The star of League of Legends Faker has when again made a contribution to fight the pandemic that we have experienced. The Korean has put out of his pocket 30 million won, approximately 22,000 euros to change.

Faker’s money has gone to the non-profit company The Neighborhood Chest of Korea (Fruit of Love). From here they will help to get medical products to medical facilities and those most in need, such as masks or disinfectant gel. Of course, one of the focuses of the organization is to serve people who get in threat groups.

Faker proves when again that his greatness is not born and dies in Summoner’s Rift. The Korean is worried about the world in which he lives and This is the 2nd contribution made to the same organization by COVID-19.

During the start of the pandemic, at the start of this eventful 2020, Faker donated the considerable amount of 70 million won, corresponding to the change to 52,000 euros.

” I desire to do my bit to assist with the troubles posed to people by the scenario with COVID-19,” discusses Faker in the Korean paper Korean Daily.” That’s why I made another contribution. ”

Faker has actually not been able to acquire good results throughout 2020. A minimum of not like in other years. Nevertheless, that has actually not avoided the SK Telecom T1 midlaner from making 2 donations in search of a service to the serious international problems that the health crisis is triggering.

Ideally donations like Faker’s aid discover a solution to the pandemic we are experiencing. Esports have actually suffered in the face of public assistance, the engine of competition. The return of the open-door in person tournaments is excitedly waited for, however we do not understand when it will be able to be seen, except on special events, such as the previous Worlds.