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Welcome to “Great Early Morning, Illini Nation,” your day-to-day dosage of college basketball news from Illini beat writer and AP Top 25 voter Scott Richey. He’ll provide insights every morning on Brad Underwood’s group:

Brad Underwood would argue (and has) that there’s nothing more overrated than a box score. Of course, he holds the exact same viewpoint about recruiting rankings and the number of stars high school employees are provided. There’s more to a box rating than simply points and rebounds, assists and turnovers.

Diving a little deeper– having a look at some sophisticated statistics– can help inform the story of a game or individual efficiency. Here’s a few that caught my eye after Saturday’s 66-58 success versus Purdue:

— Freshman guard Andre Curbelo finished the game with a plus-23 in the plus/minus department, which is basically how effective (or not) your group was with you on the court. A plus-23 is … rather remarkable. Especially when you think about the Illini just won by eight points. Next closest? Coleman Hawkins with a plus-11, which suggested the freshman forward played a rather important 5 minutes.

— Trent Frazier and Giorgi Bezhanishvili both had a restricted function offensively versus Purdue. Frazier’s usage rate was 10 percent and Bezhanishvili’s simply 8.8 percent. That’s fine. Other gamers scored.

Not terrific? The reality that Frazier and Bezhanishvili had turnover rates of 30 and 34 percent, respectively, with turnover rate being the portion of player belongings that ended in a turnover. Almost a 3rd or just more than a third of your possessions ending in a turnover is … not perfect.

— The effectiveness figure is calculated by this simple formula: PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK – Missed Shots – TO. Da’Monte Williams was Illinois’ leader with a 20.

— Stops approximates the overall number of protective possessions where the opposing team did not rating. Adam Miller had no in the first half, and while he finished with just 2 that’s better than none. Williams (11) and Cockburn (9) led the Illini.