North American company Evil Geniuses finished its Dota 2 lineup today with a surprise addition of one of the video game’s most knowledgeable offlaners.

Following RAMZES666’s removal from the group’s active lineup, EG has actually entered the opposite direction for his replacement, signing Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang to the lineup.

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Iceiceice’s professional career stretches even further back than the start of Dota 2, having actually played competitively because 2005. The player will bring 15 years of experience and his leading space-creating abilities to EG’s new lineup, which ought to be a great fit with former Fnatic teammate Abed and difficult bring Arteezy.

The Singaporean offlaner’s latest stint with Fnatic ended after two years, with him mentioning a desire to play “for another region.” The veteran bet a long list of some of China’s and Southeast Asia’s finest teams, however this will be his first tenure on a North American group.

EG are not arranged for any upcoming competitions, so it might take a while for fans to be able to watch the brand-new roster in action.