Evil Geniuses continue to impress throughout the Lock In competition.

Evil Geniuses continued their supremacy in the LCS Lock In tournament, beating Golden Guardians handily 2-0 in their quarterfinal series today.

The EG League of Legends team overwhelmed all of GG throughout laning phase and in teamfights thanks to clear coordination and noteworthy contributions from Effect and IgNar. Regardless of a freshly adopted aggressive playstyle debuting out of the GG rookies, their misplays accumulated and were too much for them to advance to the semifinals.

The Guardians needed to quit their fifth ban for video game one following a late roster lock-in as a result of health issues with Ablazeolive. This didn’t hinder them from highlighting Udyr in the jungle, a pick that has yet to be seen in the LCS this season but has actually seen play around the world. EG answered by showing a proficiency of positioning around the map that left GG not able to react.

The immediate Renekton restriction in game 2 intended to skewer Effect’s champ pool, but the champ top laner couldn’t be stopped and utilized the power of Gragas to bring EG to the clean 2-0 victory. IgNar’s Seraphine likewise assisted EG reach the triumph, as GG might not prevent the powerful ultimate.

In spite of their defeat in the Lock In competition, the Golden Guardians lineup received praise from the casters, expert desk, and fans for their efforts in the launchings of the novices on the LCS stage.

The LCS Lock In semifinals will include Cloud 9 versus 100 Burglars on Jan. 29 at 5pm CT, while Evil Geniuses will deal with the winner of tonight’s Group Liquid/FlyQuest quarterfinal series on Jan. 30 at 3pm CT. The 2 winning teams will complete in the finals on Jan. 31 at 3pm CT, and a Lock In win is simply the boost these teams are searching for prior to the Spring Split begins one week later on.