We’ll likely understand who the San Francisco 49ers select for their practice squad on Sunday. Before that happens, let’s review the practice squad rules in addition to the waiver-wire and how both work. The waiver order is the exact same as this year’s draft order, so San Francisco is 31st. After Week 3, the waiver top priority is based on the reverse order of league standings.

Practice teams were limited to 10 gamers last season, but that was set to alter with the new CBA. The number was increased to 12 gamers for the 2020 and 2021 seasons and then increased to 14 gamers in 2022. That all changed when the unpredictability of COVID-19 hit, and the league increased practice squads to 16 players for this season.

Practice squad players can be triggered on the same day as a game as long as it’s before the team reveals their inactives, which is 90 minutes prior to kickoff. The player doesn’t need to be elevated from the practice squad to the main lineup. Groups can elevate two practice team players weekly, but the exact same gamer can not rise 2 weeks in a row. Likewise, a gamer can only be phoned to the roster two times in a season. This provides groups more flexibility than ever. It likewise allows teams not to stress over losing a gamer to waivers when they need to go back to the practice team. These guidelines will can be found in helpful this season, particularly if a gamer tests positive for COVID-19.

Teams can designate 4 gamers every week that are secured from being signed by other groups. This defense starts on Tuesday each week, so every practice team player is still available to be signed after their team’s video game that week till the due date on Tuesday. Let’s say pass receiver Kevin White advances into a danger, and the group calls him up after impressing in practice. The 49ers could protect any other team from declaring White. That would not have held true in years past.

In 2015 groups might have up to 4 gamers who had two years of NFL experience. This year, groups can have 6 veterans with no limitation on the variety of accrued seasons in the league. I know Johnathan Cyprien said he wasn’t interested, however the 49ers supply a fantastic chance for a veteran like him.

Practice team players make $8,400 per week or $134,400 for 16 video games. Veteran gamers with over two years of experience will make $12,000 each week or $192,000 for 16 video games.