It’s kind of crazy to think we’re already almost two months into the new year. 2021 has been pretty insane in a lot of methods, however it likewise guarantees to be a little less insane than 2020. Light twinkles at the end of the tunnel.

For Netflix subscribers, completion of February indicates we can anticipate a bunch of new TV shows, movies and Netflix Originals headed to the streaming service quickly.

The show I’m eagerly anticipating most next month is the anime adjustment of Valve’s hugely popular PC video game, Dota 2. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. This is not since I’m a fan of the video game. In reality, the couple of times I have actually attempted to play this or League of Legends I have actually had a lousy time. Not my cup of tea at all.

But the show really looks rather great evaluating by the trailer. The animation is a bit more “Western” than many anime programs. It reminds me a little Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender.

That’s not the only cool-looking anime to hit Netflix in March. Mecha face off versus beasts in Pacific Rim: The Black, which also looks rather good:

Hybrid live-action drama/ documentary The Lost Pirate Kingdom also looks pretty interesting. A glimpse into the history of piracy in the New World, the dispute between England and Spain and the stories of Blackbeard, the Pirate Republic and so forth. Color me captivated.

Michelle Obama’s Waffles + Mochi kids’ program also debuts in March:

Seems like a neat show for more youthful kids and food lover moms and dads.

The brand-new documentary Murder Among The Mormons also sounds pretty fascinating. Since I read Under The Banner Of Paradise the often rather sordid history of crime in Mormon-land has intrigued me.

Okay, on to the Huge List. Here’s everything concerning Netflix in March 2021:

A long list of new and old titles with some enjoyable sounding programs and documentaries, but very little in the way of brand-new Netflix movies. All told, March feels a little slow if you’re not into anime or pirates, but I suppose we’re still feeling some of the causal sequences of in 2015’s lots of pandemic-related shutdowns and the general difficulty studios are having producing new material. It’s truthfully impressive that Netflix has kept churning out material– though I’m still bitter about their ludicrous cancellations last year.

What are you eagerly anticipating in March? On Netflix but also elsewhere. Let me understand!