As one of Viego’s capabilities says, the League of Legends players from Europe West have actually been going through a painful path recently. After numerous login, disconnection, and ranked file problems which plagued the video game, in addition to the cancellation of the very first 2021 Clash tournament due to technical concerns, a brand-new issue has actually surfaced earlier today.

The players can’t enter a game anymore, or are stuck in the draft or selection phase. If the players attempt and enter a file, they are prompted with the mistake message “Attempt to sign up with line stopped working,” explaining an “unexpected error” prevents them to go into matchmaking.

Several Reddit users have begun to grumble in the main game’s subreddit, which has actually become a frequent subject lately.

The problems have actually surfaced hours after the intro of spot 11.2 which added the duellist jungler Viego, at approximately 1:45 pm GMT (6:45 am CT).

Riot Games has actually acknowledged the problem on the status server official page. “We understand an issue that’s causing gamers to get stuck in a login queue and are dealing with a repair,” it checks out.

According to the server status site, it just impacts the Europe West server at that time.

While Riot Games attempts to fix the issue, the account transfers have been momentarily gotten rid of from the game. It’s possible to attempt and enter a line to play, but it will not get the players anywhere.

Since season 11 was presented into the game, the European servers, and the EUW server in specific, have actually been getting routine technical concerns and upkeeps. The problems surface not just when a brand-new spot or hotfix is introduced, however likewise at other unrelated times.