The League of Legends category on Reddit continues to offer daily threads of the most interesting for those who are interested in the competitive video game, in learning to play and even in interests in the form of clips.

In truth, it is among the most checked out and busiest sub-forums within the computer game neighborhood, and this is reflected in the times that expert teams like G2 Esports go through Reddit to do AMA (Ask Me Anything).

On this event, a gamer called Lathyrustv has actually shared his feat: be leading 1 in Europe playing only Bardo, and wanted to address concerns on Reddit to anyone who had an interest in sending questions.

Challenger 1205 LP

179 wins

138 beats

56% winrate

3.81 KDA

60% winrate with Bard

Your OP.GG

Your Twitch

A few of the concerns you have answered

What does an OTP Bardo generally prohibit?

As he has actually commented, he always tries to remove Thresh or Seraphine, unless he is interested in eliminating powerful jungles such as Udyr or Nidalee.

The most challenging player he has ever dealt with

He ensures that Caps, G2 Esports midlaner, is the soloQ player who has had the hardest time to win, generally because he doesn’t care about soloQ and goes to the limit all the time trying to find eliminates.

What build do you normally do?

It encourages to constantly bring Bard tank, due to the fact that it makes sure that it has a lot of damage passively without objects and it is very important that you sustain as a character that has a great deal of CC gradually.

What recommendations do you offer to succeed 1?

The answer wonders: it advises the 30/30/40 rule. Generally it guarantees that 30% of the video games you will lose no matter what you do, the other 30% you will win no matter what you do, and 40% of them currently depend on your mindset in the game.

ADCs you like to play with and toxicity

In the thread he ensures that Hans Sama and Compensation have actually been terrific soloQ partners, and also says that in EUW he has actually seen much more toxicity than in NA and South Korea.

What do you think about the support function?

In the thread he verifies that the support position is very strong right now, especially due to the fact that of the control you have on the bottom line as well as the jungle and the middle if you do a timely wander to this line. In truth, I would nerf the function of support and it would provide more power to the ADCs.

The finest bards for him

As he stated, Mikyx and Trayton look like the finest Bards besides him, in addition to validating that he had actually always imagined facing them and it is an honor to come throughout specialists of that caliber.

Although you have answered more questions, these have been the ones that we have actually thought about the most crucial; visit this link if you wish to see all the Reddit AMA he’s done about his top 1 in Europe.