2 highly knowledgeable gamers have been recruited as group captains for the brand-new esports university team at East Tennessee State University. Both have been awarded scholarships and will be registered as students beginning this fall.

Xavier Mitchell of Knox County will lead the group competing in Overwatch ® and Lucca Weber of Ennepetal, Germany, and present Greeneville local will captain the League of Legends ® group.

Mitchell is signing up with the digital media program and will be a first-time freshman at ETSU. He got his orange belt in tae kwon do after only 7 months of training. Within the Overwatch ® arena, his peak rank was within the top 80 on the North American server.

” I like having a structured environment where all 6 individuals are on the exact same page with technique,” stated Mitchell, who noted that his Overwatch ® hero is Winston. “I am actually eagerly anticipating getting to play in a no ping environment when ETSU goes to the championship game.”

Weber transferred to Greeneville in 2018 after finishing from high school in Berufskolleg, Ennepetal. He is also a graduate of Walters State Neighborhood College and will move to ETSU and significant in ecological health, with the goal of a career in hydrology. His hobbies include hiking and soccer.

His peak rank in League of Legends ® on the North American server remains in the leading 700 and his favorite hero is Caitlyn. “I am really thrilled this program got introduced and I can do something competitive with being a geek,” Weber stated.

Jeff Shell, who is interim coach for the ETSU university group, stated staff member will invest the fall training while also contending in competitions.

” Though we are contending in the virtual world, there will be an aspect of physical training for the group,” Shell said. “We will do light cardio and weight lifting, as it is essential to take actions to prevent a few of the long-lasting problems, such as neck and back pain or posture issues, that are related to prolonged video gaming.”

Shell added that an additional 20 trainees will be recruited for the Overwatch ® and League of Legends ® groups and statements concerning these new staff member are forthcoming.

A much-anticipated benefit of becoming part of the ETSU esports team will be having the chance to contend in the brand-new esports arena in the D.P. Culp Student Center. A brand-new 32-foot video wall is being installed this month to show competitions and other livestreaming esports events.

Innovation available to team members includes machines with 9th Gen Intel i7 processors, 512 GB M. 2 solid state drives, 25-inch G-sync screens with 240Hz refresh rate and such peripherals as specialized keyboards, mice and headsets.

“Our staff member will have access to the exact same cutting edge devices that leading professionals from around the world are using,” added Brad Engle, interim esports organizer.