Gaming has actually entered into the daily routine for many of us, whether it is on gaming devices or on mobile phones. Throughout this period a number of us have turned to video gaming to connect with online good friends who are in the very same circumstance on the other side of the world. The eSports world was shaken however many competitions might continue as normal. Numerous of the huge sports competitions, such as the Olympics, EURO 2020 and Wimbledon have actually been cancelled and delayed till next year.

The popularity of eSports has not gone undetected by the big tournament organisations and some of them have produced their own virtual tournaments. The Madrid Virtual Pro saw Andy Murray leaving with the prize after beating David Goffin in the final last week. The Virtual Formula One has actually proven to be a success with F1 fans. The 3rd race took location on Sunday and saw sports stars from football and cricket participating in the race. The virtual Solution One race was transmitted in over 100 nations and just reveals how popular eSport video games have ended up being. The finals of the eEURO 2020 which began previously this year is happening later on in the month on the 23 and 24 of May. The 16 groups that made it through to the finals were divided into 4 groups with 4 teams in each group.

Betway eSport betting is a recent addition to their sports betting catalogue. Their comprehensive and exciting eSports catalogue includes some of the greatest video games on earth. You can bet on the outcome matches and tournament of the ever-popular League of Legends, Call of Task, DOTA 2, King of Splendor, Overwatch, StarCraft and Counter-Strike. You are able to see the results and odds on all the significant eSport tournaments taking place at the minute. Fans and followers of eSports will know that games have different leagues similar to any other sport will have within them. Counter-Strike, for example, has 8 different leagues presently running together at the moment.

The variety of viewers who enjoyed video games like LOL and Virtual Formula One shows the growing number of audiences of eSport. Competitions like eEURO, Madrid Virtual Pro and Virtual Formula one will likely end up being a long-term function on our screens even after the world has come out of lockdown.